How To Approach Facebook Ads as A Local Business

Before we get into the concept of approaching Facebook ads, we should be aware that Facebook ads are targeted to people based on their location, profile information and demographic. If you are someone who has no idea about how Facebook ads work, then you are just at the right place.  We are aware that Facebook ads can help reach greater audience within no time. Here is an article that talks about how Facebook algorithm works.

Most of the people do not understand how the Facebook ads work and that it requires some time and patience to reach the target you are aiming for.  Why do most small businesses fail with Facebook lead ads? Many a times people end up considering Facebook as a lost cause, whereas in actual there is a lot of benefits that one as a local business can gain out of it if understood and worked around correctly.

It is true that 97% of marketers still prefer Facebook for paid ads and campaigns. According to statistics, Facebook holds the first place when it comes to social media marketing as of January 2021. Here are 36 essential social media marketing statistics to know for 2021.

The reason we use Facebook ads is to convert leads into customers and increase revenues, isn’t it? It is simple. You do not need to manipulate them into buying but provide information that they are looking for. You give the customers what they want, and it makes things way easier than you think. Understanding business psychology is also important for this. Have a read at this business psychology for your business.

It is not necessary what you always see is true. You may be shown hundreds, or thousands of leads captured by a business through the Facebook ads but what is the real story? These may just be leads but not the actual conversion to customers or some of them may be fake. There surely are drawbacks if Facebook Ads are not used correctly or if you do not properly advertise through Facebook ads. Let us dive deeper and understand how Facebook Ads can be approached for Small Businesses and what are the things you can do or avoid:

1. How much should you spend on Facebook Advertisement:

There is no fixed amount that is required for you to advertise. If you are looking for a minimum amount to spend on Facebook ads then an amount as low as $1 per day can also make a huge difference as far as you create a proper target for your business. However, spending any amount of money on Facebook ads does not guarantee great results. It is always better to reach out to a marketer who can help you understand and advertise better.

2. Do not Advertise something which is prohibited:

Facebook policies are very clear on what one can advertise and what you should not. For example – you cannot advertise on illegal drugs, weapons, unsafe elements, any adult related products and services like dirty magazines or any sex related product/services, tobacco, or tobacco related products, etc.

3. Make sure you do not advertise anything which is restricted:

There are certain advertisements which only certain advertisers can promote with the permission of Facebook. These include alcohol, dating services, money gambling, supplements that can be dangerous, etc.

4. Any mistake found on your landing page can be a step back for your advertisement:

As much as a creative advertisement is important, it is also essential to keep a track of the landing page it is directing the potential customers to. If the lading page is not directed towards what your advertisement talks about then you lose out on potential customers or if your advertisement has any Facebook policies issues, your ad may not get approved.

5. False leads or fake conversions:

At times it may be easier to gain leads but there are highly likely chances that most leads may be fake or would not even turn into real customers. Make sure you find people who are looking to buy the product or service you have to offer. This way you can convert leads into potential customers.


Just having a Facebook ad and creating a very creative advertisement does not guarantee that you will get loads of lead, even if you do get leads that does not necessarily mean they would all be a potential customer. It takes good amount of time and patience to understand how a Facebook ad can work and how you could benefit out of it. Small business owners often assume that once you pay for a particular amount for the advertisement, the work is done, and just by using Facebook ads you would end up getting the leads you expected. That is not the truth, the most work begins once the Facebook ads begin. The key is to be updated with how Facebook ads work and understand how to convert a lead into customer. A simple way to understand this – If you are a dentist then define your audience and focus on advertisements that would attract those people looking out for a dentist help. An individual not looking for a dentist sees this on their feed, would simply avoid such ads. Similarly, if a person looking for dog food is shown cat food, do you think that person would click on that advertisement for further details? Therefore, not just understanding how Facebook ads work but also doing a calculative analysis will help your small business grow through Facebook ads.

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